Video Guided Tours


Wish you could show multiple homes to multiple clients at multiple times, anywhere in the world?  Well Video Guided Tours allows you to do this. 


Now these aren't Virtual Tours, Virtual Tours are shot with a still camera, in the end you get bad quality, and a tour that gives viewers the ability to spin around in a room.  Now this might make you dizzy but won't get anyone interested in a house.  Video Guided Tours allow viewers to flow through the house room by room as if they were actually there. All tours are shot with a professional broadcast quality camera, and edited on a Digital NLE editor.  All tours are customized they way you want them.


Internet marketing is the fastest growing segment in the real estate market.  Having Video Guided Tours on your website is like holding an open house 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  But the internet is only one aspect of these tours.  Houses can be put on DVD's and categorized by: price, location, sq footage, etc.  Also these tours could be played on local television stations, to reach even more buyers.




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